Murten Classics 2016: «La Suisse»


While in other countries the «own music» can be heard in the concert hall quite often next to the works of the musical canon, the Swiss musicians and conductors as well as the Swiss music are rather an exception in Switzerland. The oft-cited argument about «the prophet in his own country» is nearly anywhere as valid as in Switzerland.

Murten Classics dedicates this year's edition of the festival to Swiss music and Swiss artists. It invites the Swiss violinist Kamilla Schatz as Artist in Residence, as well as
internationally active Swiss conductors such as Mario Venzago, Christoph-Mathias Mueller, Simon Gaudenz and Johannes Schläfli.

The works by Swiss composers such as Ernst Theodor Fröhlich, Johann Carl Eschmann, Joachim Raff, Joseph Lauber, Frank Martin, Arthur Honegger, Caroline Boissier-Butini, Robert Hermann, Othmar Schoeck, Paul Juon, David Philip Hefti or Fabian Müller are going to be put into a context with often much wider known foreign contemporaries, but also with such works which Mendelssohn, Wagner, Brahms, Tchaikovsky or Rossini wrote in Switzerland, about Switzerland or which were inspired by Switzerland.

Did you know that Johann Sebastian Bach's «Well-Tempered Clavier»
became famous after almost 100 years of a deep sleep in the 19th century because 1801 Hans Georg Nägeli first published it in Zurich? Did you know that the German romanticist Felix Draesecke wrote a beautiful symphonic poem on the Lake of Thun?

Murten Classics invites you to browse through this year's program and to come to the numerous concerts and hopes that you will be able to say with no little pride: "Tout ça, c'est la Suisse ...!"


The whole program of Murten Classics.


Odense Symphony Orchestra
Georgisches Kammerorchester Ingolstadt
Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
Alexandre Dubach, violin
Eva-Maria Zimmermann, piano
Christian Holenstein
, post horn/alphorn/horn/natural horn
Daria Korotkova, piano
Tai Murray, violin
Christoph-Mathias Mueller, conductor
Kaspar Zehnder, conductor & flute
et al.


Murten (CH)

Concerts with Kaspar

Saturday, 20.08.2016, 20:00
Sunday, 21.08.2016, 20:00
Wednesday, 24.08.2016, 20:00
Saturday, 27.08.2016, 20:00
Thursday, 01.09.2016, 20:00
Friday, 02.09.2016, 20:00
Saturday, 03.09.2016, 20:00


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