klangantrisch 2015


Since two years a small group of artists and people interested in music meets in Riggisberg and works on a concept for the first issue of klangantrisch, a multi-day cultural event. During these days there are going to take place concerts in various musical styles - light and 'hard' classical music, jazz, folk, rock and pop.

The idea arose from the 'kitchen' of Kaspar and his team and it is based on the concept of meeting of different musical genres at a high artistic level as well as between the artists and music interested people. Alongside to the musical focus the culinary offerings should receive also a high priority.

klangantrisch music
al and culinary pleasure in the wonderful nature of the Gantrisch region should go hand in hand.


Engelochhalle, Riggisberg (CH)
Dorfplatz, Riggisberg (CH)
Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg (CH)
Seminarhotel im Schloss, Gerzensee (CH)
Church, Riggisberg (CH)


Metropolitan Orchestra Bratislava, musique simili, Oli Kehrli & Gwendolyn Masin, James Gruntz
Brigitte Hool, Vadász Zsolt, Roman Krško, Lukács Anita, Patrik Horňák, Dušan Šimo, Richard Tamáš, Jan Drahovzal, Ulrich Beseler, Kaspar Zehnder et al.

Concerts & Activities

Friday, 29.05.2015, 20.30
Saturday, 30.05.2015, 09.30
Saturday, 30.05.2015, 13.00
Saturday, 30.05.2015, 20.00
Sunday, 31.05.2015, 10.30
Sunday, 31.05.2015, 20.00


Program flyer


«Neues Festival für Gantrischgebiet», 27.05.2015, Berner Zeitung (only German version available)


27. & 28.05.2015, Franz Lehár: «Lustige Witwe», Riggisberg, Abegg-Stiftung

29.05.2015, Franz Lehár: «Lustige Witwe», Riggisberg, Engelochhalle

30.05.2015, Pop meets Classic, Riggisberg, Engelochhalle