Robert Radecke - World Premiere Recording


Christian Radecke, the former pastor of the German church in Murten, preserves the musical legacy of his great-grandfather Robert Radecke (1829-1911). Not only many scores, but also the correspondence with contemporaries such as Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn testify of a musical treasure which so far has not been "discovered".

The project idea of making a CD recording of the orchestral works of Robert Radecke and thus making his ouvre public to a wide audience arose in 2011 as I could manage a highly acclaimed revival of his works in the context of Murten Classics.

2012 the fact that I took over as Artistic Director of the Symphony Orchestra Biel Solothurn (SOBS), gave a new impetus to the project: The major German label CPO and its director Burkhard Schmilgun ensured their cooperation.
In the last decades CPO has distinguished itself by consistently bringing out neglected or forgotten music.

On the occasion of the recordings there is going to be produced a trailer with interviews, videos, episodes on the history of repertoire, its rediscovery and its re-production, which can be subsequently used as a bonus track, as well as an audio-visual business card of the orchestra.


Biel (CH)

Parties involved

Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn
Kaspar Zehnder
Christian Radecke




There are going to be recorded the folowing four orchestral works:

  • Symphony in F Major, Op. 50
  • Overture to Shakespeare's «King John», Op. 25
  • Two Scherzi, Op. 52
  • «Nachtstück» (A Night Piece), Op. 55

Project Promotion

The cover of the production costs is at the time partially secured.
The project has been written out on the platform WEMAKEIT. It thus offers an attractive opportunity to actively participate as a sponsor for the project and so take an advantage of a variety of "rewards" such as for example visiting in the recording studio during the recordings or visiting the archive of the family Radecke and many others.

The promotion starts on 26 March 2015 at 15.00 until 25 May 2015 at 15.00.